ABOUT MAIA • HelperApps

Small businesses now have access to the technology they need to simplify and succeed!

By using cutting-edge technology to create apps - we deliver in record time while focusing on your small business' specific strengths and challenges. 

Whether you know exactly what you want in a custom app or simply are looking to automate repetitive processes, we have you covered.

Integrate technology and enjoy a new level of success!

MAIA came from a deep desire to bring time-saving technology to small business owners. Using the latest technology we make custom apps possible.

Custom apps are available for your small business too, not just a luxury for mega corporations! 

We design everything around you and your business' needs. Our services include education, training, and standard operating procedures so you have the right tools to sustain and maintain your app.

By bringing time-saving apps into the hands of small business owners, MAIA equips and empowers you to get past surviving to thriving!



Our team at MAIA HelperApps is here to ensure your success and support you every step of the way!


Founder & CEO

Jennifer is a fellow small business owner who is incredibly passionate about technology. She loves making the complicated simple, creating opportunities for workforce development, and polishing small business operations. 

Before starting MAIA Jennifer worked at a sports complex, fast food joint, pediatric dentist, was an office manager at a local television station, a marketing administrator for a candy company, an assistant manager in a mall store, and a work-study program at the University of Texas. 

After receiving a commission to the US Air Force, she developed training and testing for the military and helped some of the largest companies in the world implement major technology projects. Jennifer now takes all of that experience and applies it toward helping you - the local small business owner.


Director of Operations

Marlee is a lovable, quirky, do-all manager with a splash of bad-assery! With backgrounds in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, corporate, online, and entertainment industries, she’s seen it all. In the end, everything boils down to Marlee’s true passion: helping others. 


Joining the team was an easy decision for Marlee, as MAIA’s main focus has always been making life easier for small business owners. She easily uses her passion to make a difference for business owners everywhere, and that’s pretty much awesome.


Marlee keeps the business operating with a bright smile and a bubbly personality, and she is always ready to talk and share how MAIA can help your business!


Lead App Developer

Savannah is a 100% born and bred small-town girl and is easily one of the most adaptable, adventurous, easy-going people you’ll ever meet! She embraces every challenge as an opportunity to open a new door.  

So when the door opened to join MAIA, it was an easy decision. With Savannah’s diverse background in biology, chemistry, tutoring, and more recently app building, she’s been able to share her passion for teaching.

Now Savannah opens doors for small businesses every day by creating apps that make their lives easier and showing them how simple it can be!

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